New work

Cells, modular parts, parts of me, body extentions

Cell=key components, key codes of life routines

Cells that fit together to assemble the hole, installed in space

Cells can be robot organs/computer brain part/ecosystem of organisms

Little survival kits, “how to” of existing (basic) assemble your own self


cells for basic life routines

cells for basic life routines

each one functions like a basic circuit, a loop of code.



Considering the space to encounter the sound piece Matching (with feel_everything), 2017

(click here to listen)


Found a space in our uni buildings that might be a private space where two people could meet for a coffee date (a.i. a casual "first date") ...not ideal, but also, not too loaded with significance. Doing my best to avoid signifying things that can be read into the space or "presentation" so that the focus can be on the sound mostly, and perhaps an embodied experience of this interaction. Taking it out of the gallery context is a good choice I think. (I would still like to make it work in a gallery, but it would be a different consideration of how to activate the space, or how it is curated to work in relation to other art around it)


This piece could work in many different spaces, but will trial it in this one for a start

Lucy Mcrae

Discovered amazing artist Lucy McRae today and believe I'm about to have a creative crush for at least the next couple of days.

Im relating this stuff to the research I've been doing into the maths that measure faces according to golden triangle and Phi formula and whatever, to determine why we find some features in faces more beautiful than others.

Also how easy it is to manipulate a face through readily accessible apps now.  

I think it's bs and propably reinforcing western beauty standards. But it's interesting how algorithms are determining the norm now.  But also how algorithms are actually incapable of recognising faces that are too outside the norm. Like they don't even see these faces.


I wonder how my own face measures up..? What would I need to adjust to be as beautiful as possible?

Im trying to think how to play with these concepts and engage with these issues. 

Facial modifications and transformations and a queering of normative beauty standards?


#Self-portraiture, #beautyideals, #art, #queer