Artist statement

Louis Fourie pursues the notion of life as art, focusing on relational activities of the everyday. Artistic investigations include performative interactions through media and technology, experimenting with entanglements that blur the boundaries between self and other, human and non-human, and subtly queering normative ideals perpetuated in popular media and technological structures.

Making a life as an Artist

I decided to start researching how to make a life as an artist, planning for the next two years that I will leave my comfy existence in the uni bubble. 

Plans so far is to work out a calendar and task action plans that will be for different timeframes, so as to have a yearly/monthly/weekly schedule of tasks that are important to keep on top of in order to develop my career.

Also, to consider the ongoing things to set up and maintain, such as website, social media activities, etc. 

There are a lot of thoughts and ideas churning in my mind constantly, so it's become necessary to start organising them here and develop a system for strategizing career options. 

So here goes...