Yesterday spent most of the day shooting a new "dating bot" performance.

Wanted to do the lighting better, also got the white balance right this time! 


Considering the whole process, the performance worked better this time.

I was more selective about which words I collected from online profiles, as well as how I composed them in order. 



I wanted there to be a good balance of: 

- "You" vs. "I" statements

- mundane statements that are kind-of poetic or humorous or just plain mundane  


- statements to do with gender, sexuality or neurodiversity, etc. Identity politics, non-normative identities, etc.

Im hoping the composition of fragments convey both a poetic and fragmented sketch that makes the viewer try to fill the gaps and create a sense of some kind of "compound profile" or slice of society perhaps.



I then used speech synthesis to read these. 

(Click here for sound

I had to play/record it again in order to insert gaps into the track where I could respond in the final performance. 

And finally, I performed in response to this synthetic-speech track as a video performance. (Video still in editing)

It felt like those motivational excercises where one repeats self-affirmation mantra phrases. Or maybe when one is trying to learn a language and repeating the strange words as well as one can.

I even tried to mimicking the intonation and the accent of the synthetic voice. Why? you may ask.. I'm hoping it activates a weird tension between my own authentic personality/character and the generic nature of the machine. The main idea I am exploring is an entanglement between human/non-human, self and other, so I like to blur the distinctions between these assumed categories.


Still working on my embroidered texts. 

Also, playing Sims, and becoming interested in some idea of exploring simulated world's and relationships. I like to compose through the game situations that become like desired scenarios for my relationships.


A virtual space as a proposition for relational performance. 

I am also interested in the social-normative ideals that are hardwired into the narrative structures of games.

Consumerism, capitalistic ideals like marriage (tied to consumer culture), etc. 



Like, the typical relationship "narrative" we are programmed to follow. And they lived married and happily ever after... 


Maybe a reperformance of a Sims game, but queering all the norms and ideals.